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  • EnhanceMyWriting.com:
    A Guide to Indispensable Writing Resources

    From EmpoweringSites.com: You'll find everything on and off the Net that you could possibly need in writing or researching a paper, including links to all sorts of reference material, links to writing labs, links to Web search engines, and links to writing-related Web sites.

    Where do you begin? This site is divided into seven different sections.

    1. The first, Reference Material, provides you with a detailed listing of reference material available in print.
    2. The second, Writing Style Guides, provides a listing of general and subject-specific writing style books.
    3. The third, Writing and Journalism Jobs, includes descriptions and links to the best job resources for jobs in writing, journalism, and publishing.
    4. The fourth, Internet Reference Resources, offers descriptions and links to all sorts of reference material available on the Web, including libraries and reference resources.
    5. The fifth, Writing-Related Web Sites, provides a vast resource of general and subject-specific writing-related Web sites, including on-line college writing labs, as well as Web sites offering "how-to's" on everything from poetry to scientific writing to business writing.
    6. The sixth, Writing Reference Sites on the Web, includes the online versions of general style guides, such as the APA Style Guide and Chicago Manual of Style, as well as many others.
    7. The seventh, Web Search Engines, includes descriptions and links to the major search engines available on the Web.

    Please check out this site's awards, honors, and reviews.


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