Noone or No One – How to Use it Correctly

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is noone a word

What’s the Difference Between Noone and No One?

Noone and no one seem like they could be two alternate spellings of the same word. However, noone is actually not a word at all. It is just a common misspelling of the pronoun no one.

Noone is a misspelling of no one. Those who use it assume incorrectly that no space is necessary between no and one.

  • Noone has the ability to time travel. (incorrect spelling – use no one instead)

No one is a pronoun that means nobody.

  • No one knows for sure whether or not there is extraterrestrial life.

Let’s look at some of the ways to use, and how not to use, these words in English.

Using Noone in a Sentence

When to use noone: Never use the word noone. This is not a real word, rather an error that people sometimes make when trying to spell no one.

For example,

  • Noone likes you. Everybody hates you. (incorrect spelling – use no one instead)
  • Some people believe noone has the right to choose whether another person should live or die. (incorrect spelling – use no one instead)
  • Oh, you scared me! I thought that there was noone else here! (incorrect spelling – use no one instead)

It is possible that the fact that nobody is a single word causes people to believe no one should also be one word. This is not the case, however.

Using No One in a Sentence

When to use no one: No one is a pronoun that means no person. A common synonym is nobody.

For example,

  • No one I know voted for the opposing candidate. Everybody I know shares my political beliefs.
  • No one can live forever. All men must die.
  • Everyone here speaks English but no one can speak French.
  • You said that no one came into my apartment last night, but clearly someone did because otherwise a ghost ate all my food!

No one and nobody share the same meaning and grammatical rules. However, no one is more appropriate in a professional or academic setting, whereas nobody is more common in casual conversation.

Remembering Noone vs. No One

It is hard for people to remember that no one consists of two words separated by a space. This is likely because other similar pronouns such as nobody, anybody, somebody, anyone, and anybody all consist of a single word.

However, no one is different than those other pronouns. It is the only one that would have a double o spelling. That double o might confuse people into pronouncing the word as noon or none.

Therefore, remembering that the pronunciation is more clear when no and one are separate can help you remember that no one is the correct spelling.

Outside Examples

  • Chance was expected to go on around midnight, but that time came and went. In the interim, people danced in the aisles when they weren’t being shooed out of the way by bouncers, sparkler-adorned wine bottles were paraded around to tables and, despite the holdup on the touted performance, no one around appeared to mind. –Chicago Tribune
  • Community leaders organized around the social media hashtag Baltimore Ceasefire issued a general plea that “no one kills anyone” during the 72 hours of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. –New York Daily News
  • “To record today’s session would be such a breach of trust, from my opinion. This town is full of leakers and everyone knows who they are, and no one trusts them. In this business your reputation is everything,” she said. –New York Post
  • Authorities quickly extinguished Sunday’s fire at the Tiger Tower and said it injured no one. But it rattled nerves after Friday’s fast-burning inferno at the Torch Tower, which is across the street. –New York Times

Quiz: No one vs. Noone

Select the correct word, no one or noone, to fill in the blanks.

  1. ______________ appreciates good music these days. (incorrect spelling)
  2. It looks like ________________ is going to attend that meeting. (correct spelling)
  3. _________________ in my family ever believed in Santa Claus. (correct spelling)
  4. _______________ suspected that the quiet man who kept to himself was actually a murderer. (incorrect spelling)
  5. ________________ in my family knows how to dance. (correct spelling)

See answers below.

Article Summary

Should I use noone or no one? Only use no one. There is no situation in which noone is the correct spelling.

  • Noone is a common error for someone trying to spell the pronoun no one.
  • No one is the correct spelling of the pronoun that means nobody.

Using the context above can help ensure you always remember to write no one as two words separated by a space.


  1. Noone
  2. no one
  3. No one
  4. Noone
  5. No one