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  • EnhanceMyWriting.com:
    A Guide to Subject-Specific Writing Style Guides

    If you are looking for more general writing style guides, then go to General Writing Style Guides.

    If you are interested in more information about a particular book, including its availability in the Amazon Books collection, follow the link (within the title of the book).

    You may also want to go to the EnhanceMyWriting.com's Reference Libraries Page to see about the availability of the books in your area.

    Finally, you may also want to see if there is an online version of the style guide by visiting Writing Reference Sites on the Web.

    This section is divided according to the following guides:

    1. Writing About Literature
    2. Business Writing
    3. Creative Writing
    4. Science/Technical Writing
    5. Journalism/Public Relations Writing
    6. Other Writing Guides
    7. Other Writing Resource Books

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